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What other people said about M&G Car Rental Kaunas

Compliments for the service –

Compliments for the service – I happened to book a car that was actually not available, so M&G reached out to offer an alternative themselves. The car was really alright so do not let the low price make you think they are not holding a high standard. Plus, pick up and return was extremely easy, too. All in all, I had a good experience and will come back again.

Justina, Netherlands


For several years, when I need a car in Lithuania, I use the services of M&G Car Rental Kaunas company. I found it via the Internet, left the application ahead of time, called back, discussed the wishes, was suggested several options, came, showed the car, arranged everything, designed quickly, sat down and drove off. The fleet of the company is large, all cars are in good condition.

Advantages: the machine is always fast registration, quick receipt, fast delivery, courteous services, a good site …

Disadvantages: When getting the machine, be careful of the appearance of the machine, there may be scratches and scrapes that were not seen in case of insufficient lighting when receiving from the previous one tenant, and saw at your surrender. In order not to spoil your nerves and employees of hire simply be attentive yourself and using the services of this company will bring only positive emotions.

As they say – every correctly understood trouble is an adventure and every misunderstood adventure that is not correctly understood is a nuisance .. Good luck on the roads .

Created by: Customer


Все было супер! Встретили в аеропорту с табличкой, несмотря на часовое опоздание. Машина очень хорошая, чистая. С агентом могли связатся в любое время по любым вопросам! С удавольствием снова воспользуемся вашими услугами! Советуем друзьям! Очень важно! Не надо платить бешенный депозит!!!

Created by: Liudmila, UK


The price was right and the service was efficient and personalized. We had a wire to the GPS that seemed in bad shape and the employee was very quick at replacing it.
We had a good experience.

Created by: Marc-Andre, Canada


I feel Safe while Driving the car. So I would like to Rent a car again because of the quality service and Conditions of the car. Thank you For your service.

Created by: Jonarthanan Venkatesan


I rented a Renault Megane, I was very pleased with both the car and the service. The car was given a clean one, documents were issued quickly, signed a contract and drove off. Managers are very loyal and attentive to the client.

Created by: Pole, Poland


Хочу выразить слова благодарности за отличный сервис. Я прилетал из Kиева на несколько дней в командировку вВильнюс. Еще в Киеве через интернет нашел телефон вашей компании, позвонил, ваша сотрудница предложила взять в аренду Опел Асра, меня устроила цена, мне подтвердили бронирование. Как только прилетел в Вильнюс – Оформили все быстро. Автомобиль устроил полностью. Буду рекомендовать ваш автопрокат друзьям!

Created by: Alex, UA


“Friendly staff. Exactly on time as agreed. Give good feedback for your staff.” …

Created by: Simona, FRA


“Dėkui už paslaugas, automobilis ir aptarnavimas tikrai geras. Būtinai kreipsimes per sekančias atostogas..”


Created by: Arturas, FRA


I used the car rental service for this company. Compared with other companies for renting a car in Kaunas, I note for the better. I hope for further renting)))  Everything in general suited! Thank you!.

Created by: Customer, Kiev


Several times we took a car here: [link]. No complaints, machines are good (not killed), not even expensive, maintenance at altitude. The husband after this company does not want to go anywhere else, but before that they have been in many places…But it’s better to see once, try it yourself, you will not regret it.

Created by: Customer


Eto bil moj pervij opit vozdenija avtomata, no terpelivije i vezlivije rabotniki agenstva predostavili krash kurs vozdenija, objasnili pravila vozdenija v Litve tem samim oblegcili nam problemu tansporta v drugoj strane za sto ochen blagodarna.

Created by: Liudmila, Ala Siverskaja, UK


Picking up the car was really easy once I’d found the right part of Vilnius bus station. The staff were really helpful. The car was quite old but in reasonably good condition, and mostly clean. Two observations: there was no windscreen washing liquid and the front windscreen wiper didn’t work very well. Thank you.

Created by: Alexander
Average Rating: 5 stars (based on 13 ratings)


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